10K swim

Чемпіонат України-Championship of Ukraine, Івано - Франківськ /Ivano -Frankovsk, Ukraine

Saturday, 17 June, 2017 (All day) to Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 (All day)

June 17-20 Championship of Ukraine   Ivano -Frankovsk

Women, men

Dev., Eun. 1998-1999 -->10, 5 km

Dev., Eun. 2000-2001 2002-2003  -->7.5, 5 km 5 km


Чемпіонат (Mactepc) України у морі-Championship (Masters) of Ukraine at sea, Одеса Odessa, Ukraine

Monday, 4 September, 2017 (All day) to Thursday, 7 September, 2017 (All day)

September 04 - 07 Championship of Ukraine at sea Odessa /Championship Masters of Ukraine at sea Odessa

Women, men

Dev., Eun. 1998-1999 -->10, 5 km

Dev., Eun. 2000-2001 2002-2003  -->7.5, 5 km 5 km


Silkeborg Open Water 2017, Denmark

Saturday, 12 August, 2017 (All day)

Silkeborg Open Water held on Saturday in week 32 of Almindsø, Eastern Søbad, every year.
Distances: 1000 m. - 3000 m. - 5000 m. - 10,000 m


DM Masters 5k + Limfjordskrydseren 2017, Aalborg, Denmark

Saturday, 19 August, 2017 (All day)


Amager Open Water - 2 km motion 2000 meter
Amager Open Water - 3800 meter 3800 meter
Amager Open Water - 5 km motion 5000 meter
DM Åbent Vand 2015 - 10 km 10000 meter
Amager Open Water - 10 km motion 10000 meter


100x100 Hamburg, Germany

Saturday, 25 February, 2017 - 18:00

Gestartet wird nach vorgegeben Abgangszeiten in zwei Gruppen (2:00 und 2:15 Minuten) auf der 50-Meter-Bahn. Nach jeweils 25 Durchgängen gibt es fünf Minuten Pause für Toilettengänge und Verpflegung. Wer dem Tempo nicht folgen kann, hat nun die Gelegenheit aufzuholen.


18:00 Uhr    Einlass    
18:45 Uhr    Briefing    
19:00 Uhr    Start Gruppe 1    
19:25 Uhr    Start Gruppe 2    
23:00 Uhr    Zielankunft aller Teilnehmer    
23:05 Uhr    Siegerfeier mit Büffet    
23:30 Uhr    Ende  

Undersized and understated, Jordan Wilimovsky, Northwestern’s world champion, goes for Olympic gold

When he jumped in the water at the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russia, Jordan Wilimovsky’s goal was to finish in the top 10. The Olympics were just over a year away, and Wilimovsky knew that if he snagged a top-10 result, he would secure his spot on the United States’ team in Rio de Janeiro.

Nearly two hours later, the rising Northwestern senior was a world champion. He blew away the competition to win the 10 kilometer open water swim by around 12 seconds, the largest margin in the history of the event. Three months after his 21st birthday, the unassuming Wilimovsky had not only secured his Olympic berth, he established himself as the best open water swimmer in the world.

Jordan Wilimovsky, Haley Anderson Lead USA Swimming Open Water National Team

USA Swimming has announced the 12 members of the 2016-2017 Open Water National Team.

Olympic qualifiers Haley Anderson, Sean Ryan, and Jordan Wilimovsky lead the team.

Andrew Gemmell, the 10K national champion is also on the men’s team, as is National Champion Ashley Twichell on the women’s.

The other three men are Alex Meyer, Brendan Casey, and David Heron.

Lynne Cox, Famed Open Water Swimmer, Authors Opinion Piece In NY Times Regarding Rio Waters

With fewer than 100 days left until the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro there is still growing concern regarding the open water races to be held in Guanabara Bay and off of nearby Copacabana Beach.

Lynne Cox, famed open-water swimmer, became the most recent individual to wave a red flag at the conditions today by authoring an opinion piece for the New York Times titled  “Olympians Shouldn’t Swim Through Sewage.”  Cox draws in research and reports from virologist Dr. Fernando Rosado Spilki and expert in risk management for waterborne viruses Kristina Mena, whose findings paint a dim picture for those hoping to participate in the open water competition.