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Swimming contest on Bosporus world's best open water event in 2016

The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) has announced the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim as 2016's best open water swimming event in the category of "Offering of the Year."

At the award ceremony American former water polo athlete and open sea swimmer, Steven Munatones, said, "The Turkish Olympic Committee, its staff and volunteers organize and plan, budget and execute one of the finest and most iconic events in the world. The future is very bright for this event and its leadership in the sport of open water swimming is well-established and globally recognized."

29# Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim - Boğaziçi Kitalararasi Yüzme, Kanlica to Kurucesme, Bosphorus, Turkey

Sunday, 23 July, 2017 (All day)

Applications for Turkish Olympic Committee's (TOC) traditional Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race will be accepted as of 4th January 2017

Syrian Refugee Who Swam to Greece Sets Sights on Olympics

This 18-year-old’s quest - and what she has overcome - will inspire you.

BERLIN—When a tiny motorboat’s engine stalled in salty, cold waters just off the shore of Turkey, the fate of the 20 refugees packed on board fell into the hands of 18-year-old Syrian Yusra Mardini. She, her sister, and a family friend were the only swimmers on board the craft that was trying to make the passage to Lesbos, Greece—a dangerous trip that has claimed countless lives. As water started filling the boat, the three women jumped out and began swimming to push the boat to Greek shores. What should have been a 45-minute trip became a harrowing physical test.

Swimming adventures in Turkey with Strel Swimming

Strel Swimming operates week long swimming trips in Southern Turkey.
The warm and clear Mediterranean sea attracts many tourists and adventurers every year. Strel team will run two types of trip during May to October 2016. One trip is based in Kas where they swim daily from the hotel base to the surrounding islands over interesting sights, old shipwrecks, old city walls and in and out of Blue cave.

Syrian refugee swims for 7 hours to start new life in Europe

A desperate Syrian refugee has revealed how he braved massive waves and deadly currents to swim for seven hours to reach Greece from Turkey.

Ameer Mehtr explained he did not have enough money to pay smugglers to transport him to Europe after his family lost their home and were left penniless as a result of the five-year civil war ravaging his homeland.

Having previously trained with the Syrian national swimming team in the capital Damascus, Mr Mehtr realised his only chance of starting a new life in the EU was to take his chances swimming the four miles across the Aegan Sea from Turkey to the Greek island of Samos.

The refugee, whose age was not clear, spent several months preparing for the perilous crossing, training nearly every day with a swimming coach in the sea off the coast of Lebanese capital Beirut, where he had been living after fleeing Syria in May.

report: Adam Walker crossing the Bosphorus

On the 25th July, I had the great honour of hosting the 27th year of the “Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race” from Asia to Europe. I became the first host to swim the 6.5 kilometre stretch and complete another continent to continent swim. The previous celebrity hosts were pool Olympic swimmers Inge de Brujin 2014, Ian Thorpe 2013 and Mark Spitz 2012.

Following the race I then took part in a show swim, which was in promotion for another event taking place on the 100th Anzac Day. Another true honour in celebration of 100 years since the battle in Gallipoli.

Adam Walker is invited as special guest at the Bosporus race

IMG 0648

Adam Walker celebrity guest...at the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race on 26th July 2015 - Turkey.

Thousands of swimmers will take part in this increasingly popular 6,5 km open water race that starts in Kalıca, Asia.
Organised by the Turkish Olympic Committee, the event has been running for 26 years and where it began with 4 female entrants and 64 male entrants in 1989, this swim now welcomes thousands of swimmers from all around the World!
Adam is also very much looking forward to swimming the 6.5k route himself and be ready and waiting to congratulate the swimmers in Kurucesme as they finish their race!
Find out more about the Bosphorus Swim here>> and finishes in Kurucesme, Europe.

11# Meis – Kaş (Kastellorizo to Kas) Yüzme Maratonu Turkey

Lykean Festival Swim
This was the 11th year of the swim, from Europe to Asia (Kastellorizo to Kas).
Over 250 swimmers took part.
It was a nearly 7 km swim in open waters of the South Aegean.
They swam to Kas and partied at the Festival celebrations.