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report: Adam Walker crossing the Bosphorus

On the 25th July, I had the great honour of hosting the 27th year of the “Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race” from Asia to Europe. I became the first host to swim the 6.5 kilometre stretch and complete another continent to continent swim. The previous celebrity hosts were pool Olympic swimmers Inge de Brujin 2014, Ian Thorpe 2013 and Mark Spitz 2012.

Following the race I then took part in a show swim, which was in promotion for another event taking place on the 100th Anzac Day. Another true honour in celebration of 100 years since the battle in Gallipoli.

Adam Walker is invited as special guest at the Bosporus race

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Adam Walker celebrity guest...at the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race on 26th July 2015 - Turkey.

Thousands of swimmers will take part in this increasingly popular 6,5 km open water race that starts in Kalıca, Asia.
Organised by the Turkish Olympic Committee, the event has been running for 26 years and where it began with 4 female entrants and 64 male entrants in 1989, this swim now welcomes thousands of swimmers from all around the World!
Adam is also very much looking forward to swimming the 6.5k route himself and be ready and waiting to congratulate the swimmers in Kurucesme as they finish their race!
Find out more about the Bosphorus Swim here>> and finishes in Kurucesme, Europe.

11# Meis – Kaş (Kastellorizo to Kas) Yüzme Maratonu Turkey

Lykean Festival Swim
This was the 11th year of the swim, from Europe to Asia (Kastellorizo to Kas).
Over 250 swimmers took part.
It was a nearly 7 km swim in open waters of the South Aegean.
They swam to Kas and partied at the Festival celebrations.

Aquamasters Marmaris Sonbahar Kupasi, İçmeler-Marmaris, Turkey

Monday, 5 October, 2015 (All day)

3 km
6 km


AÇIK SU :5 EKİM 2015 /


Açık Su Parkuru: İçmeler-Marmaris

Kısa Mesafe 3.000 mt / Uzun Mesafe 6.000 mt