Great Pacific Garbage Patch Swim Nears Conclusion

Long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte seeks to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean.

Long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte will complete his Vortex Swim to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean on Saturday, 31 August.

Travel Channel to feature the unlikely story of Grove City swimmer Walter Poenisch

The Travel Channel will air a segment Wednesday, Sept. 19., on Walter Poenisch, whose 1978 swim from Cuba to Florida at age 65 was so unlikely it still sounds like fiction.

Even 40 years later, it sounds a bit like fiction.

The 1st Marnaton eDreams Barcelona, a real celebration of the open waters

(report including lots of photos)
The 1st Marnaton eDreams Barcelona, a real celebration of the open waters.
• Over 700 people signed up for the event that was promoted by Club Natació Barcelona and Marnaton eDreams. The swimmers were able to enjoy a very different view of the Barcelona skyline.
• The competition, which took place on Sant Sebastià Beach, consisted of an individual women’s race, an individual men’s race and a relay event.

The ChillSwim video from a Spanish perspective

November 2013 at the closing swim of the Cork Global Open Water Conference Daniel Pages, technical director of  Swim the Costa Brava swam in a wetsuit because the 12°C (53°F) was to cold to his liking.

New Year Dips in the Netherlands

We had around 4,000 more participants with a record 46,000 at 125 dips in the Netherlands.

Temperature was 6 °C with the seawater a nice 8 °C. Only the wind was a spell breaker.

In Scheveningen there were the max allowed 10,000 dippers with even more (15,000) spectators.

a happy New Year and a successful 2014 swimming season from Swim the Costa Brava

This video is a tribute to the entire swimming community and of course, to the Costa Brava region for its outstanding natural value.

Compilation of the best swimming moments we have had over this year. Furthermore, we wish everybody a happy new year and a successful 2014 swimming season! 

The man of La Manche...

Comedy names in movie about Channel-swimming hero

 Several familiar comedy actors have landed roles in a new film about Captain Matthew Webb, the first person to swim the English Channel.

Steve Oram from Sightseers, Terry Mynott, aka Channel 4’s The Mimic, Hannah Tointon, who played Simon's girlfriend Tara in The Inbetweeners and Tom Stourton, from Totally Tom and forthcoming BBC Three sitcom Siblings all have roles in The Greatest Englishman. Warren Brown who played DS Ripley in Luther, takes the role of Webb.

Wendy Trehiou becomes the 26th person to complete a Channel double

Wendy started her epic 2-way swim from Shakespeare Beach on 7.11am on Tuesday 20th August. The leg to France took her 17hrs 8mins and she landed in Wissant bay just after midnight on Wednesday 21st. The return leg took Wendy 22hrs 1min and she landed at Samphire Hoe at 10.20pm in the evening. She was piloted by Neil Streeter on Suva.

These were Wendy's 3rd and 4th crossings of the Channel having completed two solos in 2006 and 2012. For her 2012 swim, she received Gertrude Ederle award for the most meritorious CS&PF swim of the year by a woman.

Wendy joins an exclusive club of 2-way Channel swimmers by becoming the 26th person, and 13th woman in the world, to complete this fantastic feat of endurance.

Murmansk winterswimming 2013

Murmansk winterswimming 2013