Mediterranean swimming holidays filmed by drone

Drone and aerial filming has become very popular in recent years and this also reflect on swimming events. Strel Swimming, a professional swimming holiday operator, runs week-long guided trips in the Mediterranean countries (Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia). They swim from island to island, through the submarine tunnels and more. They have put together some amazing drone video clips from the past summer. See below youtube clips and enjoy!




Memorijalni plivački maraton "Mario-Dido Marić", Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Sunday, 10 August, 2014 (All day)

It restarted in 1980. The swimming route was from Žanjc to Igalo. This is a continuation of a tradition from before the II World War when the marathon’s route was from Rose to Herceg Novi.

Swim and explore warm Adriatic sea: Croatian Islands & Montenegro Fjords

Strel Swimming Adventures offers unique swimming experiences in the Adriatic sea where you can join fully organized week-long swimming tours. This season they run trips from June to September in Croatia and Montenegro. You can island hop and explore uninhabited islands of Kornati and Krka National Parks or you swim through the stunning coves and fjords of Montenegro. They swim in smaller groups of up to 14 swimmers (non-swimmers are welcome on the boat) and also do video stroke analysis which helps your improve your swimming techique in open water.
Strel Swimming welcomes all levels of swimmer and they have several escort boats so that you can swim safely with others of a similar speed.

Fjord & Cove Swimming Montenegro | 7 days

from our sponsor Strell Swimming Adventures:

Fjord & Cove Swimming Montenegro | 7 days

Montenegro was a former constituent of the Republic of Yugoslavia and it lies on the Adriatic coast, nestled between Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo. It is steeped in history stretching back millennia. Many call the country a “crossroads of civilizations” where the East and the West cultures meet. In the 1990s it was caught in the brutal wars that plagued the Balkans, which horrified the world as it played out on our TV screens.